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Byline: Compiled by Dave Lewis

Winning him over by filling his stomach

When the Packers were ``recruiting'' free-agent Reggie White a few years ago, a number of other teams were offering the big defensive end all kinds of perks.

Packers general manager Ron Wolf writes in his book that the wife of Art Modell gave White's wife, Sara, a $900 leather coat during a visit to Cleveland.

So how did Wolf wine and dine White when he finally made it to visit the Packers?

White and Wolf went to lunch at a Red Lobster in Green Bay.

Probably ordered the all-you-can-eat popcorn shrimp special.

Woof! Woof! Skins are bad to the bone

So, how bad are the Redskins?

Here's the Washington Post's Michael Wilbon's take on it:

``What began as a bad start is now a state of emergency.

``The Redskins are dreadful on offense, defense and special teams. And it's not like they're a break or two away from being any good, or like fixing one problem will help dramatically.

``At present the Redskins are bad to the bone, sorry and no-account through and through. For three straight weeks they have failed even to be competitive.

``How long before more than a couple of people start wearing bags over their heads at home games?''

Jumping on the Skins, Part II

After finishing 30th against the run in 1996 and 28th in 1997, the Redskins spent $16.4 million in signing bonuses and salaries on defensive tackles Dana Stubblefield and Dan Wilkinson.

The results so far:

In the first four games in 1997, Washington surrendered 568 yards on 124 carries. In the first four games this season, the Redskins have allowed 640 yards on 131 rushes.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan went to Washington hoping it would be a springboard to a head coaching job. At this point, the move looks more like a swan dive into an empty pool.

Passing the Buc

At 1-3, surely the Bucs are considering wholesale lineup changes to turn things around.

No way, says coach Tony Dungy.

``If we started taking out everybody that didn't play well,'' Dungy said, ``we might have to forfeit.''

Well, shut my mouth

Art Spander of the Oakland Tribune on the 49ers' easy win over the Falcons:

``An Atlanta cornerback named Juan Bolden took it upon himself to belittle Jerry Rice, calling him, `just another wide receiver.' Sure, and Monica Lewinsky is just another White House intern.

``Rice had eight receptions for 162 yards and two touchdowns. If Bolden couldn't cover Jerry, the least he should have done was cover his mouth.''

Saints aren't trying to fool anybody

Before anyone gets excited about the Saints' 3-0 start, perhaps a little examination is in order.

They've defeated the Rams, Panthers and Colts, teams that are a combined 1-10.

``We realize we're a lot like 20-22 teams. There are 6-8 elite teams and we're not in those 6-8,'' Saints general manager Bill Kuharich said. ``Everybody knows that. We're not trying to fool anybody and say we are. On the other hand, we're not apologizing for who we played or how we won.''

No such problems

One fan suffered a broken leg fighting for one of Mark McGwire's home runs, others have been bruised and battered.

With all the punching, poking and kicking that's gone on in Busch Stadium, there won't be any such concerns in the Trans World Dome when Rams quarterback Tony Banks throws his next pass into the empty stands.

Young passing early tests

Did someone forget to tell 49ers quarterback Steve Young the NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint?

Young has gone three straight games with at least 300 yards passing and three touchdowns.

So, how hot is Young?

Let's put it this way. With 1,053 yards and nine touchdowns, he's on pace to pass for an NFL record-tying 48 touchdowns and a record-setting 5,616 yards.

That's not hot, that's sizzling.




Teams were ready to offer Reggie White an ocean of money when he was shopping for a team. Seems all he really wanted was the fish.


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