вторник, 18 сентября 2012 г.

USPTO Issues Trademark V VALLEVERDE to Calzaturificio Valleverde for Sunglasses, Spectacles, Protection Masks, Purses, Handbags, Rucksacks, Shirts, Jackets, Coats - US Fed News Service, Including US State News

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 17 -- Calzaturificio Valleverde S.p.a, Coriano, Italy has been issued the trademark V VALLEVERDE (Reg. No. 79058606; International Reg. No. 0976590) by the USPTO.

The trademark application (serial number 79058606) was filed on May 7, 2008 and was registered on Aug. 11.

The description of the mark registered is 'Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of a stylized letter 'V' encompassed by a wreath design. The 'V' and wreath design appear directly above the stylized word 'VALLEVERDE'. Beneath the term 'VALLEVERDE' appears two wavy lines.'

The goods for which registration was sought are 'Sunglasses, spectacles, protection masks and spectacles for sports activities; protective face masks not for medical purposes; spectacle frames; specially adapted cases and holders for protection masks; spectacle cases and holders; spectacle chains, Purses, handbags, rucksacks, large handbags, traveling bags, suitcases, attache cases, pocket wallets, coin purses not of precious metal, document holders, wallets for cards, leather pouches, make-up cases sold empty, traveling cases, make-up bags sold empty, vanity cases sold empty, suit carriers, trunks, key-cases in leather and imitations of leather, umbrellas, Shirts, jackets, coats, overcoats, raincoats, anoraks, sports clothing, namely, shirts, pants jackets, bathing suits, the aforesaid for swimming, ski, cycling, golf, baseball, race and gymnastics; gloves, foulards, scarves, shawls, belts, hats and caps; footwear, including leather shoes, gymnastic shoes, sandals, sabots, slippers, and boots' For more information about US Fed News trademarks please contact: Sarabjit Jagirdar, US Fed News, Email:- htsyndication@hindustantimes.com.