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TRADEMARK: USPTO ISSUES Y NOAH TO Noah Yannick FOR Leather, Clothing, Gymnastics, Sports Articles - US Fed News Service, Including US State News

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 29 -- NOAH YANNICK; C/O SPORTINVEST CONSULTING INDIVIDUAL FRANCE, Levallois-Perret, France, has been issued the trademark Y NOAH (Reg. No. 3740122; International Reg. No. 0938119) by the USPTO.

The trademark application (serial number 79044037) was filed on June 20, 2007 and was registered on Jan. 19.

The description of the mark registered is 'The color(s) white, black, magenta, yellow and green is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of a white rectangle outlined in black and containing a smaller rectangle. The smaller rectangle is outlined in black and displays a black letter 'Y' inside the smaller rectangle. The color magenta appears on the left side of the 'Y', the color yellow appears on the top of the 'y' and the color green appears on the right side of the 'Y'. The word 'NOAH' is displayed in black stylized letters under the smaller rectangle inside the larger rectangle'.

The goods for which registration was sought are 'Leather and imitation leather goods, namely, handbags, rucksacks, sports bags in the nature of bags for climbers, leather bags for carrying camping equipment, beach bags, traveling bags, trunks, and suitcases; handbags; rucksacks; sports bags in the nature of bags for climbers; beach bags; traveling bags; trunks and suitcases, Clothing, namely, singlets, bathing trunks, bandanas, shoulder wraps, headbands, hoods, belts, sweaters, chasubles, socks, ankle garters, shirts, short-sleeved shirts, capes, collars, slips, trousers, suits, ties, gloves, waistcoats, jumpers, tee-shirts, coats, parkas, jackets, skirts, underwear, underclothes, panties, bodysuits, brassieres, briefs and pants; footwear, namely, shoes, boots, half-boots, boot-socks, football boots; beach shoes, boots for sport, cleats for sports footwear, espadrilles, slippers, sandals, ski boots; headwear, namely, knitted caps, bathing caps, berets, caps, coveralls used for playing sports; leather clothing and imitation leather clothing, namely, belts, coverall used for playing sports, trousers, ties, gloves, coats, parkas, jackets, skirts; waterproof clothing, namely, hoods, coveralls used for playing sports, trousers, coats, parkas, jackets and Gymnastics and sports articles excluding clothing and gymnastics shoes, namely, ring games; tennis balls, basketballs, soccer balls; climbers' harness; gut for rackets, string for rackets; boxing gloves; dumb-bells; guards for athletic use, namely, elbow guards, knee guards, and shin guards; tennis equipment, namely, tennis rackets, tennis nets, tennis practice equipment in the nature of tennis ball pitching machines; tables for table tennis; accessories for games, namely, sports gloves; sports bats; sports balls'. For more information about US Fed News trademarks please contact: Sarabjit Jagirdar, US Fed News, Email:- htsyndication@hindustantimes.com.